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Advances in technology and communications have made international trade easily achievable for many more businesses. However international trade can still be a daunting experience. 

Whether you are highly experienced in international trade or still contemplating your first steps, we have the experience and expertise to guide you every step of the way. With business partners in Lancashire and around the world, we can provide you with the help you need with issues ranging from tax to overseas trading platform structures. 

How we can help

We already advise many clients who involved in international trade. Some are trading within Europe, some exporting outside of Europe and others are setting up overseas operations.

Your first steps will probably be to find overseas customers and then supply the goods. We can introduce you to the best people to advise you through the essential requirements of export regulations and procedures. You are likely to have an early need for advice on VAT so that you understand how it applies within Europe and further afield.

See Cassons Tax Partner Helen Cowley’s blog in which she looks at the basics of the Distance Selling Regulations and VAT in Europe. 

As your requirements develop you will have more extensive requirements, especially when you consider setting up a trading operation in a foreign jurisdiction. We are ideally placed to be able to advise on matters such as:

Type of business structure and corporate residence, transfer pricing, international tax, double tax relief, taxation planning, arrangements for employees based overseas including tax and residency issues, financing. 

Delighted clients!

Watch this video to find out how Cassons and a BKR member firm were able to help Handshake Promotions as they took their touring shows to the USA. 

BKR International

We are members of BKR International, a global association of independent accounting and business advisory firms with over 300 offices in over 70 countries around the world. Our membership means that we have access to the services and resources of an international firm while we deliver the personal attention and service that our clients deserve.

The individuals within BKR firms are well known to us and so we are asking trusted colleagues to look at specific issues relating to clients wanting to operate overseas. They can provide a wealth of local knowledge. 


For Christmas 2014 we released a spoof movie trailer which shows Cassons helping one of our clients, "Harry Crosby", with his international venture. To view the video click on the image below.


International Trade

We regularly provide advice and insight into international trade, drawing upon our experiences within foreign markets. The articles below show our contributions to the international features of Lancashire Business View and East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce's Business Life magazine. Click on the images below to read the full article.

Cassons are proud to sponsor the "International Achievement" award of the Red Rose Awards which is delivered by Lancashire Business View. This category is hotly contested and offers businesses the opportunity to showcase the overseas successes. To find out more about the Red Rose Awards visit:

Lancashire Business View

 March/ April 2014 Edition - Russia


 May/ June 2014 Edition - America

LBV - March/ April 2014 - International pages sponsored by Cassons          LBV - May/June 2014 - International pages sponsored by Cassons

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 September/ October 2014 Edition - China

LBV - July/ August 2014 - International pages sponsored by Cassons	LBV - May/June 2014 - International pages sponsored by Cassons	 

 November/ December 2014 Edition - Dubai

  January/ February 2015 Edition - The Netherlands
LBV November/ December 2014 - International trade page sponsored by Cassons  

March/April 2015 Edition - Germany

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  March / April 2017 Edition - Singapore
   Singapore International Trade Cassons



We are very aware that importing is another key element of international trade. We can advise on many issues and, again, can signpost you in the right direction when specialist help is required, for example on duties.

Please note

This information given is for general guidance only. You should not rely on it without taking individual advice based on the full facts of your case. Information given is correct at the time of publication.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you.