accountancy work related to legal proceedings

The term "forensic accounting" may be familiar - but it may also seem puzzling. Forensic accounting refers to any accountancy work related to legal proceedings, whether civil proceedings (such as breach of contract or divorce) or criminal proceedings (such as fraud). The term also covers calculations to support other contentious matters such as business disputes or insurance claims.

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Often we will prepare a report on the accounting issues, the facts available and the conclusion we draw from those facts. Occasionally we are also called on to give evidence at trial if the matter does not settle by negotiation.

We are generally appointed by the solicitors acting on behalf of one, or more, of the parties involved in the case. We accept appointments on behalf of claimants or defendants or, increasingly, as single joint experts. As experts, we are obliged to be entirely independent in our report as our duty is to the court, not to those who instruct us. We also accept appointments as advisers, where our duty is solely to the party by or on whose behalf we are instructed.

Not only do our specialist forensic accountants cover a wide range of accounting expertise in personal hands-on knowledge, but we also have the full range of the firm's experience and client base to draw on.

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