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Trade Club insights into post-Brexit trading talks

More than 60 business packed the house at the latest meeting of the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce International Trade Club with Brexit high on the agenda.

Aaron Dunne, who is an integral part of HMRC’s Customs EU Exit Policy team, was one of the guest speakers. With the deadline for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU just over a year away, Aaron updated businesses on the Government’s current vision of how customs procedures will operate as of April 2019, explaining the two most likely options. A more detailed framework is expected in October 2018.

Attendees also heard from Jonn Dart, an international debt collection specialist at Safe Collections Ltd. Drawing on over 20 years’ experience Jonn highlighted preventative measures to reduce the risk of bad debt when selling internationally and the collection options available if your export invoices are not paid.  He also dispelled the myth that appointing a debt collector kills a business relationship, but emphasised the need for a business to know its customer. 

The other guest speaker was Mick Roach, Sales Director at REM UK, and winners of the 2017 International Trade Awards. Mick shared his experiences and reflects on the top tips he has learnt on his export journey to become a manufacturer, supplier and installer of hairdressing furniture and equipment.  Mick explained in particular their route to success in Germany.

Mandy Lockett, International Business Director and Stef Heywood, International Business Manager, reminded members the importance of feeding back any comments to them about Brexit negotiations and the needs of local businesses so that these can passed onto the Government. 

Les Nutter, Managing Director of Cassons, part of the Baldwins Group said: “It was wonderful to see so many businesses at the meeting including nine new members to the International Trade Club. It’s a perfect environment to share experiences and there was a great response to Mick Roach’s experiences about setting up distributorships in Germany.  Sharing experiences is the essence of the International Trade Club.” 

Mandy Lockett, International Business Director at East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce commented “There was, as ever, much debate and discussion around the Brexit presentation which shows how passionately East Lancashire businesses are about their international trade.”   

Run by the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce International Business Team and sponsored by Cassons, which is part of the Baldwins Group, the International Trade Club aims to help importers and exporters develop their knowledge of current issues and share experiences. 

International Trade Club Feb 2018

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