Cassons Changes 2016

Cassons Changes

At Christmas time, it has become a tradition for us to send a festive message with a twist to our clients and friends. This started with advent calendars in 2006 and then, embracing the digital revolution, we advanced to video in 2010.

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Our 2016 video took inspiration from the life and works of David Bowie, whose loss in 2016 was mourned by many. Looking at his back catalogue, the song that hit home was ‘Changes’ as it seemed to capture the general mood of the country after a year that will most certainly go down as one of the most eventful years in recent history.

So we decided on ‘Cassons Changes’, taking a slightly different approach to our previous videos. We wanted ‘Cassons Changes’ to take viewers on a journey through the last 40 years, looking at the changes that have occurred in both popular culture and our working world, specifically in technology, with the message that we have, and will continue to guide our clients through the changing – and challenging – times!

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The basis of the video is a timeline of key world events, starting in the early 1970’s when Bowie’s ‘Changes’ was released and Britain joined the EEC, and ending in present day where we are noting the loss of numerous icons, including David Bowie, preparing for Brexit and embracing changes such as ‘Making Tax Digital’.

Changes Steven Greenwood

Once we had the idea of Changes, it was time to get to work, embarking on our mission to find as many props as possible, the comptometer being the hardest to get our hands on! Staff, clients and friends all helped out and eventually, we had an office full of interesting and exciting artefacts from over the decades!

Finally, our props were gathered so it was time to film. Our training room was once again magically transformed in to a film studio, whilst our boardroom served as our hair and makeup department.

Cassons ChangesFilming took place over three days. Emotions ran high, nostalgia was in the air and lots of memories were shared. There was a fantastic atmosphere during filming, with those who remembered how the old telephones and accounting equipment worked demonstrating with great passion to those with a look of confusion spread across their faces!

Some of the magic was injected post filming when the “new technology” was added.  This gives a feeling for both the present and the future with references to SnapChat and Instagram, as well as digital accounting technology.

Cassons ChangesWe are excited to share our ‘Cassons Changes’ video with you and we hope it makes you feel as nostalgic as we did!

The video was created by Paul Coppack and Paul Sparkes of Shooters Media in Oswaldtwistle.  The production features the vocals of Mitchell Smith, who is studying Popular Music Performance at Leeds College of Music, and our dancers were helped by choreographer Lesley from Encore Dance School in Nelson.

Mannequin Challenge

During the filming of Cassons Changes we took the opportunity to make Cassons’ Mannequin Challenge video!  This video shows you behind the scenes of filming at Cassons offices.

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Behind the scenes!

Cassons ChangesCassons ChangesCassons ChangesCassons ChangesCassons ChangesCassons ChangesCassons ChangesCassons ChangesCassons Changes