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Autumn Statement 2013

Our initial thoughts on the Autumn Statement 2013

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5 Dec 13
Helen Cowley

The burden of tax administration for small businesses

Are you one of the thousands of small businesses in the UK struggling under the burden of tax administration?

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24 Oct 13
Colin Tice

EU - a land of opportunity?

It's a political hot potato that continues to divide the nation: is our membership of the European Union a hindrance or a help to British businesses?

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27 Sep 13
Tony Reynolds

East Lancs tax expert's social media warning

Social media could soon become a useful source of tax surveillance, a top tax expert has warned.

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16 Sep 13
Colin Tice

Selling to overseas markets

The success of a number of East Lancashire businesses in export trade – reflected in the Queen’s Awards which were recently bestowed on the best of them – has shown the value in spreading your markets.

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16 Aug 13
Peter Johnson

Change in tax laws may get stars back on track

It’s often said you can’t put a price on winning, says Cassons Tax Partner Colin Tice.

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26 Jul 13
Colin Tice

Pensions auto-enrolment - latest news

It's been dubbed the biggest shake-up of pensions in a generation, and will result in millions of workers being pushed into saving money for their retirement for the first time.

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25 Jul 13
John Davenport, Director, Cassons Financial Planning Limited

The importance of handling client data safely

The Information Commissioner, Chris Graham, recently warned businesses they need to realise the importance of handling customer data correctly.

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15 Jun 13
Colin Tice

Colin Tice gives his views on the call to slash corporation tax to 10%

“Slash corporation tax to 10pc to beat avoidance,” says MP
Cassons tax partner Colin Tice gives his thoughts on the comment…..

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29 May 13
Colin Tice

Speaking sense - lessons from an Olympian

Guest blog from Andrew Thorp, Co-Founder of MojoLife Spending an evening with a room full of accountants doesn’t sound like an exciting proposition, but Les Nutter was right – that’s a misconception! We had a wonderful time at the Imperial Hotel...

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27 Nov 12
Andrew Thorp, Co-Founder of MojoLife
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