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Sage announce ‘End of Life’ for users of v2012 software

As from 26 January 2015 Sage will be withdrawing support for v2012. Due to this ‘End of Life’ announcement, users can no longer upgrade software at the upgrade price, and must pay the RRP licence price.

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9 Feb 15
Joanne Halsall

Is doing business in Dubai really ‘tax free’?

A zero-tax policy and economic ‘Free Zones’ have helped Dubai to recover faster from the global financial crisis than most other countries.

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27 Jan 15
Helen Cowley

ISAs - the transfer of tax breaks

The Chancellor announced in the Autumn Statement that ISAs will be able to be passed on death to a surviving spouse or civil partner without losing the tax breaks.

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26 Jan 15
John Davenport, Director, Cassons Financial Planning Limited

The Netherlands - it’s a pleasure doing business

The Netherlands is widely considered to be an attractive place for UK exporters to do business. We ask Peter Janssen, a tax consultant at Flynth in Arnhem, what makes it so appealing.

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22 Jan 15
Peter Janssen, Flynth, The Netherlands

Doing business in Netherlands - an inside view from Langtec

If you are thinking of going Dutch with your export strategy then do your homework and take time to find the right partner on the ground.

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19 Jan 15
Andrew Turner, Langtec

Make sure your tax bill isn’t double Dutch

Helen Cowley gives her advice for companies doing business overseas in the Netherlands.

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19 Jan 15
Helen Cowley

VAT changes to UK businesses selling 'digital services' to EU countries

From 01 January 2015, UK businesses selling ‘digital services’ to consumers in other EU countries will be required to charge VAT according to where the customer is based.

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10 Dec 14
Tom Blenkinsop

When it comes to International Trade make sure you do your homework

The UK Government has set an ambitious target of doubling exports to £1 trillion by 2020. Whether that is realistic and achievable, only time will tell.

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5 Nov 14
Carlton Cooper

No shortcuts to being big in America

If you want to crack America then you have to do your homework.

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13 Oct 14
Mark Thomson, MD, Ostrow Reisin Berk and Abrams Ltd, Chicago

Stay in control of your finances at university

Having seen both my daughter and son attend (and graduate!) from Sheffield and Newcastle universities over the last few years I have seen firsthand how important it is for students living away from home to budget their spending.

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25 Sep 14
Steven Greenwood, Director, Cassons Financial Planning Limited
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