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Growth is at the forefront of France's political agenda

AS the nation that coined the term ‘enterprise’, it’s perhaps unsurprising to hear the French Government is doing all that it can to promote business and inward investment.

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15 Jul 15
Séverine de Surmont-Fromont, Senior Partner, STC Group, Eurus -

Pension freedom – not as “free” as you think

The new pensions freedom of choice has given people far greater power over how they spend, save or invest their retirement funds in future. This has led to many questions and misconceptions arising.

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14 Jul 15
Steven Greenwood, Director, Cassons Financial Planning Limited

Summer Budget 2015

The first wholly Conservative Budget since 1996 will be regarded by some as a tax raising budget, and those targeted with their “fair share” of reducing the national debt burden appear to be owner managed businesses.

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13 Jul 15
Colin Tice

Owning property in France

With the imposition of new taxes, it has become more expensive in recent years for Brits to own property in France. A UK resident selling residential property in France may now have to pay both UK and French tax on the capital gain, at a combined rate of 43.5%.

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12 Jul 15
Colin Tice

Tax relief denied on amortisation of goodwill

It’s been just a little over 7 months since the Autumn Statement 2014 was delivered by George Osborne (albeit it under a different government) when surprising and immediately effective changes were announced to reliefs previously available for both companies and individuals on the sale of goodwill from an unincorporated business to a new related company.

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8 Jul 15
Helen Cowley

Pension freedom - death benefits

The removal of the 55% ‘death tax’ on the value of money purchase pension funds means for those who can afford to hold on to pension cash there are now many more opportunities to pass their wealth down to future generations.

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3 Jul 15
Steven Greenwood, Director, Cassons Financial Planning Limited

HMRC’S growing reliance on Connect database could mean an increasing number of innocent taxpayers face investigation

Over 80% of all tax investigations undertaken by HMRC now follow potential leads generated by its £45million database system, Connect, according to recent reports. The new reliance on automated systems to identify targets means that clients could face an increased risk of investigation, simply for having their name thrown up by HMRC algorithms.

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18 Jun 15
Kevin Igoe, Professional Fee Protection

Pension freedom - taking the money

From April 2015 these new flexible rules make it possible to take money purchase pension benefits, if you are aged 55 or over, as almost any mix of lump sum and income. A maximum of 25% of your pension can be taken tax-free. You can take it all immediately or the first 25% of each withdrawal can be tax free.

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12 May 15
Steven Greenwood, Director, Cassons Financial Planning Limited

Doing business in Germany - an inside view from eyevis UK

eyevis UK is the UK arm of German company eyevis GmbH, a world
leader in the manufacture of cutting-edge video display solutions.

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13 Apr 15
Steve Murphy, eyevis UK

Auto enrolment - can you afford not to comply?

Delaying the setting up of a workplace pension scheme could leave small businesses with a cash flow nightmare: as well as facing financial forfeits from the Pensions Regulator, they’ll also have to cover the cost of back-dated contributions.

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10 Apr 15
John Davenport, Director, Cassons Financial Planning Limited
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