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Brexit: the tax consequences (Pt. 2)

The second part of our mini blog series on the potential tax consequences of Brexit. This time, Helen looks specifically at VAT, Import duties and Import VAT and The Single Market.

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15 Jul 16
Helen Cowley

Brexit: the tax consequences

Helen Cowley, Tax Partner at Cassons, considers the potential tax consequences of Brexit.

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13 Jul 16
Helen Cowley

Apprenticeship Levy - not just for large employers

In the Summer 2015 Budget a new tax in the form of an apprenticeship levy was announced, to be introduced from April 2017. As details are announced, it seems there may be a problem for certain smaller employers.

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27 Apr 16
Colin Tice

Budget 2016: A considered view

Colin Tice, Tax Partner, gives his considered view of the Budget 2016.

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22 Mar 16
Colin Tice

Switzerland to follow EU rules on the supply of digital services

In 2015, the EU introduced new VAT rules for the place of supply of digital services where they are supplied to consumers.

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7 Feb 16
Tom Blenkinsop

Consider which canton to make the most of trading with Switzerland

Renzo Peduzzi, Partner at accountancy firm Ferax Treuhand AG who are members of BKR International, explains why Switzerland is a great place to do business.

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2 Feb 16
Renzo Peduzzi, Partner, Ferax Treuhand AG, Switzerland

Becoming a big cheese in Switzerland

There is plenty to talk about when it comes to Switzerland – it may be one of the smallest nations in Europe, but it is certainly one of the mightiest trading nations.

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1 Feb 16
Stef Heywood, International Business Manager, East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

The story of Cassons No.5

Our Christmas greeting has become a tradition and this is our 5th Christmas video. It’s something our clients and friends across the world look forward to every year.

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4 Jan 16
Jill Murray

State pension top up opportunities

In the Autumn Statement 2013 the government announced its intention to introduce a scheme to allow pensioners to top up their additional State Pension with a new class of voluntary National Insurance contribution to be known as Class 3A.

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22 Sep 15
Steven Greenwood, Director, Cassons Financial Planning Limited

Opportunities aplenty, but it takes time

Nelson based REM is a leading supplier of equipment to the salon, beauty and spa industries in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. The business began looking at trading with India almost two years ago.

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18 Aug 15
Michael Roach, REM
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