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The story behind – Cassons Changes

You will have seen some old props and perhaps picked up on one or two David Bowie references, but have you picked up the whole story behind the making of Cassons Changes?

Our journey begins with a “young” Les Nutter, who arrives at the office to the tune of The Professionals, recalling the rugged characters of Bodie and Doyle who were on our TV screens in the late 70’s.  Les is driving a black Ford Capri, reminiscent of his own beloved Capri, but for those who can remember it, Les’ Capri was of course a white, 2.0 Litre “S” with alloys and tinted windows until it was involved in an accident and then re-sprayed sunburst red, with ‘go faster’ stripes!

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0:19 - The camper van belongs to one of our team and was strategically placed to add some authenticity to the scene!

0:29  - We start to delve back into the archives of office life.  The type writer is much older than the 1970’s but there were memories of secretaries of that era who refused to convert to an electric typewriter, preferring their trusty manual typewriter.

0:34 - We move onto the books and records which were very kindly lent to us by John Spencer Textiles. The particular significance of this is that Les and Ashley both joined Cassons in 1986 and their first job together was the audit of JST when Ashley showed Les how the job was to be done.  The red and green pens were used for “ticking off” the entries; red in ‘odd’ years and green in ‘even’ years and Laura demonstrates them again a few scenes later.

0:38  - The comptometer was the big find of the video and we are forever indebted to the husband of one of our accounts team managers for lending us not one but two comptometers!  Agnes, our payroll manager, introduced the machine to Scarlett who, unsurprisingly, had never seen one before! 

0:43 - The rotary telephone – but who can remember this early version of the speaker device?!  The instructions recommended that the speaker was hung on the wall.

1:00 - We have a game of Connect 4... which is the first of our Bowie references!  Unbeknown to us at the time of filming, there is an urban myth originated by Stuart Maconie when he was a journalist on the New Musical Express which suggested David Bowie invented Connect Four!

1:41 Jonathan is shown the VHS cassette recorder. We tended to cover up the older items and when revealed, our younger teams members had to guess what the items were.  When he realised what it was, Jonathan thought the VHS player was a bit of a faff!

1;48 –  One of the very early car phones!  And have you spotted the iconic Bowie lightning bolt from Aladdin Sane on Steven Greenwood’s face?

1:57 – An early laptop!!

2:13 – Blink and you’ll miss the next Bowie reference!  All of Cassons Christmas greetings include a usually very subtle reference to Big Crosby and so it was entirely appropriate to have a quick look at Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth which was recorded by Bowie and Bing Crosby. This was actually recorded in September 1977 but Bing Crosby died the following month so the song was not released until 1982.

2:20 – Don’t miss our Spice Girls who also feature in Cassons’ pre launch Mannequin Challenge!

2:54 – We’re starting to move into more current technology. We’ve used the social media captions in the background to feature people who weren’t able to be included in the filming days.  We’ve made up social media accounts for them to show news of the day.

2:56 – And it’s the application of new technology in the work environment.

3:02 – We refer to HMRC’s initiative, Making Tax Digital, which is likely to have massive implications over the next few years. 

3:08 – We have a slightly futuristic demonstration of Crunchboards using The China Doll Co – a reference to Bowie’s “China Doll” single released in 1983.

3:11 – From photo albums to Instagram!

3:13 - We’ve gone from Blockbuster (at 2:00) to Netflix! Two of the “films” refer to Cassons the Movie, which was our Christmas greeting in 2014. The remaining 10 titles all have a Bowie reference... can you identify them?

3:16 - Futuristic demonstration of Receiptbank feeding into Xero and Quickbooks.

3:23 – A slightly futuristic reference to SnapChat. Sinead has applied the “dog” filter which jumps to Andrew when he photobombs her!

3:34 – And some things never change. Back to the trusty Ford Capri... and Cassons. Always here to guide our clients through the changes, from past to present, to future.

We hope you enjoyed the video. Please let us have your thoughts and share your own stories with us @Cassons_acc using #CassonsChanges.

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21 Dec 16
Jill Murray