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Life at Cassons – Cory’s work experience

Cory Bancroft has been with us for the last two weeks on her work experience placement; mid way through studying an Accounting, Finance and Mathematics degree at Lancaster University. 

Cassons, Cassons business advisers LLP,

Having easily fit into the Cassons’ working environment, Cory has excelled and flourished in an organised office setting. She said: “I have relished in the environment as it has been productive yet relaxed. It allowed me to completely be myself.” Cory has revelled in having independence and responsibilities, but knowing that there is help when she requires. 

Instead of being based in just one department, Cory experienced working in Accounts, Financial Services, Payroll, and Tax. From initially doing short tasks Cory has progressed onto completing account preparation by herself; giving her a strong sense of achievement. She also enjoyed more complex assignments such as scheduling information for income tax returns for a range of clients. 

This time spent at Cassons has allowed Cory to apply the theory learned from university, to a real life situation. When Cory goes on to complete her degree, she will be more confident in her abilities and have a stronger understanding of the application of the subject. 

As well as working closely with colleagues in the various departments, Cory was surprised at having exposure to the partners and gained a lot from their expertise and experience. She was pleasantly surprised that they were so involved with her development and learning at Cassons, and said: “I didn’t expect that they would have time for me, but they made sure that I felt comfortable yet suitably challenged in my work. It was great working with Peter. I knew that in a larger firm I wouldn’t have received the attention and help that I have here. That is one of the reasons I chose to come to Cassons.”

At Cassons we take delight in helping with the progression of budding accountants. Peter Johnson, Client Relationship and Human Resources Partner said about Cory’s time here: “Cory has proved herself to be a very capable young woman, it has been a pleasure to have her here.”

Written by Robyn Murray, Work Experience.


17 Jul 14
Robyn Murray, Work Experience