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Category: Hmrc

HMRC’S growing reliance on Connect database could mean an increasing number of innocent taxpayers face investigation

Over 80% of all tax investigations undertaken by HMRC now follow potential leads generated by its £45million database system, Connect, according to recent reports. The new reliance on automated systems to identify targets means that clients could face an increased risk of investigation, simply for having their name thrown up by HMRC algorithms.

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18 Jun 15
Kevin Igoe, Professional Fee Protection

EU VAT postal scam

Businesses should be on the look-out for a postal scam that has re-surfaced again after initially appearing several years ago.

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17 Feb 15
Tom Blenkinsop

Employers - are you claiming the new £2,000 NIC Employment Allowance?

The new tax year (2014/2015) sees the introduction of the Employment Allowance. George Osborne recently contacted all employers reminding them of its implementation and claiming 1.25 million businesses and charities will benefit from cutting £2,000 from their employer Class 1 National Insurance Contributions (NICs).

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6 May 14
Jonathan Rourke

Real Time Information (RTI) – what is it??

Real Time Information (RTI) is being introduced into the operation of PAYE by changing how and when employers (and pension providers) report information to HMRC. Essentially, employers will tell HMRC about tax, national insurance contributions (NI...

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1 Apr 12
Lee Sharpe

News for Insolvency Practitioners: HMRC now accepts Paymex exemption covers more cases

Yesterday, HM Revenue & Customs issued Revenue & Customs Brief 03/12: VAT Tribunal Decision in Paymex Limited v HMRC. The Paymex case broadly found that the services of an Insolvency Practitioner in dealing with an Individual Voluntary Arrangement...

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1 Mar 12
Lee Sharpe

HMRC responds to concerns that strikes will stop taxpayers filing by the 31 January deadline

HMRC has announced that late filing penalties will be waived for anyone who files their tax returns by 2 February. A similar grace period is in place for any tax payments which are also due by 31 January. When the Public and Commercial Services Un...

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27 Jan 12
Lee Sharpe

Guest blog: The ABC of R&D tax credits

The ABC of R&D tax credits Generous tax reliefs are available for companies that incur qualifying expenditure on eligible Research and Development (“R&D”) activities. The reliefs could take the form of an enhancement of the amount deemed to be...

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17 Jan 12
Brian Williamson, Jumpstart UK

HMRC books & records checks - the latest update

You may recall my blog post of 16 June in which I explained that HMRC had started checks on the books and records of SMEs. At the time the checks were restricted to 8 geographic areas. HMRC has now announced that the pilots found around 44 per cen...

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13 Oct 11
Tony Reynolds

Relief for riot-affected businesses

The Government has announced a programme of business rates reductions to help businesses affected by the recent riots. More importantly, the deadline for claiming under the Riot (Damages) Act has been extended from 14 days to 42 days.

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15 Aug 11
Ashley Hayman

Update on HMRC's Late Self Assessment Statements

On 26 July, we blogged that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) had failed to issue all of the July Self Assessment Statements of Account in time for the 31 July payment deadline. At the time, HMRC apologised and said that anyone who received a Statement...

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9 Aug 11
Lee Sharpe