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Archive: February 2015

Sage announce ‘End of Life’ for users of v2012 software

As from 26 January 2015 Sage will be withdrawing support for v2012. Due to this ‘End of Life’ announcement, users can no longer upgrade software at the upgrade price, and must pay the RRP licence price.

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9 Feb 15
Joanne Halsall

EU VAT postal scam

Businesses should be on the look-out for a postal scam that has re-surfaced again after initially appearing several years ago.

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17 Feb 15
Tom Blenkinsop

Just for the record…

Keeping good records is something we all know we should do, especially if we’re self-employed, but sometimes the business of running a business just gets in the way.

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24 Feb 15
Tony Reynolds

Implementing a workplace pension scheme

We’re talking to many clients at the moment about workplace pensions and we’re hearing lots of questions about employee contracts. These relate in particular to amending or implementing workplace pension schemes to meet auto enrolment obligations.

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26 Feb 15
Claire Haworth, Napthens Solicitors