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Archive: March 2012

News for Insolvency Practitioners: HMRC now accepts Paymex exemption covers more cases

Yesterday, HM Revenue & Customs issued Revenue & Customs Brief 03/12: VAT Tribunal Decision in Paymex Limited v HMRC. The Paymex case broadly found that the services of an Insolvency Practitioner in dealing with an Individual Voluntary Arrangement...

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1 Mar 12
Lee Sharpe

A Budget for Entrepreneurs? It ain’t necessarily so.

So was this a Budget to gladden the hearts of North West entrepreneurs? Not if you have an elderly relative subject to the “granny tax” set to rake in 1 billion in 2015/16! But as a top rate taxpayer you may be comforted by the reduction to 4...

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23 Mar 12
Colin Tice

Guest blog: Asbestos in the Workplace

From Phil Kelly, Director, Petty Chartered Surveyors What is asbestos? Asbestos is a generic term for naturally occurring fibrous silicate materials. The three main types are white, brown and blue. For many years, asbestos was used in many buildin...

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14 Mar 12
Phil Kelly, Petty CS