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Knowledge is the key to unlocking China

Tommy Chan is a tax practitioner at East Asia Sentinel Group in Hong Kong, and like Cassons, is a BKR International member. Tommy’s firm shares best practice with partners around the world to meet the business and financial needs of their clients. We spoke to Tommy about what it's like to do business in China.

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9 Jan 18
Tommy Chan, Tax Practitioner at East Asia Sentinel Group, Hong Kong

Tax breaks for Christmas parties

The John Lewis Christmas advert is on our screens, the mince pies are on the supermarket shelves and Christmas party season is upon us - just don’t overlook the tax implications!

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14 Dec 17
Colin Tice

Q&A: Doing business in Australia

Karen Mortimore, Chartered Accountant, Director of SRJ Walker Wayland and Head of Businesses, talks business in Australia.

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24 Nov 17
Karen Mortimore, Director, SRJ Walker Wayland

Budget 2017: What you need to know

This was the first Budget held in the Autumn since 1996. It was solid if unsurprising with a strong emphasis on technological investment and on housing, perhaps to deflect from poor growth and productivity forecasts.

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23 Nov 17
Stephen Kerrigan & Jane Hivey, Tax Consultants, Cassons

The Budget 2017: Stamp Duty Land Tax

The Chancellor’s speech was heavily focussed on housing, with £44 billion promised over the next 5 years in the form of capital funding, loans and guarantees to build 300,000 new homes each year on average by the mid 2020s.

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22 Nov 17
Colin Tice

Expert view: Doing business in South Africa

Indileni Nambala talks opportunities in South Africa, what makes it attractive and considerations you need to make if you're setting up there.

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16 Oct 17
Indileni Nambala, Senior Tax Consultant, Boake Incorporated, Johannesburg South Africa

South Africa's Open for Business

Companies establishing a business presence in South Africa should consider if they wish to trade via a branch or a subsidiary company.

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10 Oct 17
Jane Hivey, Tax Consultant

HMRC scam: Calls threatening legal action

YOU can’t imagine hearing anything more alarming at the other end of the phone than HMRC threatening you with a law suit.

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7 Sep 17
Colin Tice

Expert view: Finding favour in the eastern Med

Alex Fielding, Tax Adviser at Cassons, looks at why Cyprus is an attractive place to do business.

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24 Jul 17
Alex Fielding, Tax adviser, Cassons

Sunny times return to Cyprus

Cyprus presents good opportunities for UK exporters, including CWV Wallcoverings, the company behind three well-known, trusted wallpaper brands; Crown, Coloroll and Vymura.

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18 Jul 17
Neil Fletcher, Sales Export Manager at CWV Wallcoverings
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