advising barristers for over 40 years

At Cassons we have been advising barristers on all aspects of their financial affairs for over 40 years. This means that from your first VAT return through to planning for your retirement, you can be sure, whatever questions and challenges you may face in your career at the Bar, we have seen them and dealt with them successfully before.

We are proud of our reputation for looking after pupil barristers. Indeed, we have for many years spoken on Organising Your Finances at the Northern Circuit Advice to Counsel pupil seminar. We are also proud to say that we have guided clients during their careers from pupillage through to silk and judicial appointment. We have also advised the Council of Circuit Judges and the Association of District Judges on matters relating to taxation.

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You can see more about our services for barristers at where we review the accounting, tax and personal financial planning advice we provide for barristers. There is also a large section of FAQs and other news items relevant for barristers. Don’t forget to sign up for our free newsletter for barristers.

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barrister incorporation

The Bar Standards Board will now regulate organisations owned and managed by barristers. We would be very happy to discuss incorporation with you and help you understand the impact it would have on your own circumstances. Please see our initial briefing here.   

If you would like further details please email for a copy of our “Should I incorporate” report. Or please contact us on 0845 337 9409 to discuss barrister incorporation further with Andrew Hood or Tony Reynolds or email

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