we understand the many issues that are likely to affect your business

We guide our clients through the many challenges and events that happen within the life of a business. And indeed we have advised some clients over several generations of family members and managers. So we are confident that we understand the many issues that are likely to affect your business. Rather than give lists of the help we can provide, we would prefer to show you how we have helped a number of our clients to progress through the various stages of the business life cycle.

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Starting up a business

Starting up your own business requires a lot of commitment, energy and resources. We have helped many businesses develop from new business start-ups to very successful companies.

Read here about Bass Lures whom we have helped as a new business and who very quickly established themselves as national players in the fit-out business.

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Buying a business

Deciding to buy a business is a major decision and not one to be taken lightly. We have helped many clients to acquire businesses so we are very aware of the possible pitfalls.

Read here about John Spencer Textiles and how we helped them to acquire Ian Mankin Natural Fabrics.

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Running a business

You will need numerous skills and areas of knowledge to run a business. We have experience in many where we can help you and above all we encourage our clients to discuss all major decisions with us.

Read here about Crow Wood Leisure Ltd and how we help with the running of their business.

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Growing a business

If you want your business to grow, you need to understand its current position, then – with advice - you can decide which direction to take. We have helped many businesses to grow and develop, and we’d be delighted to help you!

Read here about how we have helped Nationwide Produce PLC to grow their business.

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Exiting a business

If you have an interest in a business, you should really take time to consider your exit strategy. The earlier you start thinking about your exit, the more scope you have for achieving your objectives. We have advised many clients on their exit strategies.

Read here about how we helped Mike Martin and Bill Bird sell their business, Flextex Ltd.

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