Planning for your retirement is a balancing act. You want to have a comfortable retirement but you need to understand the balance of how much to save in a pension as against how much to spend on your current everyday living.

You also need to understand the various types of pensions that are available and the performance of the investments within them. Plus you need to understand the tax-efficiencies of the various options.

We have a team of pension and investment specialists who can help you to choose policies,  manage the investments within them and make the right choices when you reach retirement. But more than that, we can help you to achieve the balance of having enough money within the pension to finance the retirement you dream of, while keeping enough money to finance your current lifestyle.

Our team of wealth managers use financial planning software, combined with their own experience and expertise, to help you understand exactly how much money you need to have invested before you can retire comfortably. We will consider what you want to do in your retirement so that we can ensure it is included in the calculations. We can also help you to plan your investments so that you never run out of money during your retirement. Once we understand your requirements, we can advise on pension types, specific investments and then review it with you on an annual basis.