Cassons: THE MOVIE

Following the success of Cassons Heroes released for Christmas 2013, everyone was looking forward to our plans for our 2014 Christmas greetings. Expectations and anticipation were rising, and plenty of people kept asking: “What song are you doing this year?” The answer of course was “we’re not!”

Instead we created a spoof trailer for Cassons: THE MOVIE which you can view by clicking the image on the right.

Les Nutter, CassonsCassons: THE MOVIE tells the story of a fictitious client, Harry Crosby who has just won a large business contract in the States.  However, his customer has demanded that Harry has a company in the states and can provide up to date accounts... all within 48 hours.

The back story is that we have been advising Harry on the deal with the US customer for the last couple of months but this sudden pressure from the US meant that it all had to be accelerated. His first thought is to come to Cassons for help.

Unfortunately Harry’s usual partners weren’t available but he guesses where they may be, and barges into the monthly partners’ meeting in the boardroom.  The question is: can we turn it around in time?

CassonsOn 03 November our actor was ready, our staff had been briefed and the partners were ready for their first scene; ‘the boardroom’. This scene had been scripted, but there was room for artistic license from the partners, a chance for their inner thespians to come out. The boardroom became the set and the training room became the production studio. While the partners were discussing their lines, our ‘client’ (actor Steve Garry) was in the training room learning his lines.

The motivational speech was next to be filmed. This was when the client came back to the office after the conclusion of the deal to see the team and thank everyone for their support. The motivational speech was filmed in our recreation room where it naturally takes place in the story.   Our client’s words, are followed by our “montage of happiness”.

Day 2 focussed on filming the scenes between the initial boardroom scene and the final motivational speech, effectively to tell the story of how we provided all of the answers for our client. All of our people were asked for suggestions as to how they thought we could portray their story in the movie, including any “moments of tension”. . They also helped to put together the “montage of happiness” with many of their suggestions used in the final cut. This included Hannah from our business support team suggesting their team should re-enact the infamous pose from ‘Charlie’s Angels which has also been used as the movie poster.

You will notice throwbacks to the original video Holding out for a Hero throughout the movie trailer. This includes Tom from our tax team recreating his sunglasses scene, and Luqmaan (our avid lunchtime pool player) raising his pool cue above his head, as he did as a Cassons Hero, and Claire and Kirsty at the drinks machine (which has since been replaced!).

There has always been a reference to Bing Crosby throughout our 9 years of very special Christmas greetings there. It’s there again this year, but only the eagled-eyed will spot it.

Huge thanks to for creating the concept and making the video - we certainly couldn't have done it without them - and to Steve Garry, who played the part of our client, Harry Crosby. Steve is a local actor from Ramsbottom and you may recognise him from a recent Vodafone advert. The music track used in the scenes of happiness was from Haslingden musician Nick Breakspear. Thanks to for the official behind the scenes shots.

To show how much fun we had during the filming, we've created a behind the scenes video which can be viewed by clicking on the image on the left.

You can read the press release about the video here  and watch our teaser trailer here.

Finally thanks to everyone for watching and we hope you like it!