We have developed a tradition of sending clients and friends a Christmas message with a difference.  We started with advent calendars, progressed to cards and then videos.   After two Christmas videos that featured Christmas songs, in 2013 we decided that we would like a song and video to last throughout the year.

We chose the Bonnie Tyler classic Holding out for a Hero which allowed us to have a lot of fun with the involvement of all of our people.  We also had fun with our specially written lyrics!

Cassons' Holding out for a Hero tells the story of a fictious client, drowning under a sea of paperwork before Cassons' super heroes come to her rescue.

Calendars were cleared - 8 November was set aside for the first day of filming for Cassons Heroes. The lyrics had been written and the soundtrack sung, thespians were required!  For the day 1 of filming our training room was turned into a film studio! This is where the green screen was set up for the partners' "Super Hero" shots.  Great fun was had in creating the right Super Hero image for each partner!

The training room film studio was used for the dancers later that day. The board room became our hair and beauty area as we recreated the '80's hair and make up from the original '80s video for our own fabulous dancers!  Even their amazing dresses are a reference back to the original Bonnie Tyler video! The dancers, choreographed by Senior Tax Manager Helen Cowley, had rehearsed each lunchtime for the previous week and had organised their own costumes, with Debs and Lynzie also as seamstresses.

Day 2 involved scenes around the Lancashire office with teams having brought in their props and ideas for what they would do.  You may notice that in the scene of the ladies holding the Super Hero magazines, one has a picture of Managing Partner Les Nutter on the front of her magazine.  This is of course Janet who is married to Les! The featuring of Holding out for a Hero in Shrek 2 wasn't forgotten with a brief nod to the Fairy Godmother's scene. You may even spot a photo of Bing Crosby..... we have special reference to him in all of our Christmas greetings.

Day 3 was away from the office when the "client" scenes were filmed. The "client" was played by Emma Kenny who is drowning under a mountain of paperwork until she is saved by her Cassons Heroes!

Huge thanks to www.shootersmedia.com for making the video - we certainly couldn't have done it without them - and to Lareena Mitchell, singer of the soundtrack , also known for her involvement in series 2 of BBC's The Voice.   Thanks to http://www.lizhenson.co.uk/ for the official behind the scenes shots.

Thanks to everyone for watching and letting us have such amazing feedback.